About the Bastards

Hard, loud, provocative, with a clear attitude. These are the guys of S.I.B.

Hardrock crossed with Modern American Metal and a strong influence from the biker scene results in what? Exactly, really big balls.

Whether driving a muscle car, cruising a Harley or during aggression reduction in the Moshpit. The music simply screams Badass. Hard, powerful riffs that go in the ear quickly to collect the pack directly. Real hard rock needs no flourishes. Real hardrock is not an accessory. Real Hardrock is an attidude/life setting. Since 7 years the bastards have represented just this. After many successes in the north of Germany they were contracted in mid-2016 at 100% promotion and the Dutch label OMMP.

With their support they continue to spread their message: “Be whoever you want, be as you want, do what you want. Just make sure you can live with what you do and do not regret anything “.